Why Music Is Important For Salons


Why Music Is Important For Salons

Music is important to salons for a variety of reasons, with the right music you can improve staff productivity and increase client sales. Salons use music to help represent them and their brand. Whether you realise it or not, you will have some form of salon brand. Think about what imagery you use for your salon, the décor inside and the type of services you offer. Music needs to reflect this. If your clients are older you probably don’t want to be playing heavy metal music. Equally, if your salon has a trendy, young client base you might not want to play hits from the 80’s. If you want to have music in your salon, or put together a playlist, think about what atmosphere you want to create. Many salons provide services that aim to be a relaxing and pampering experience for clients. Think about how you can create this with your choice of music. For the busy mum who has just rushed to make her appointment, entering a salon with calming music automatically starts the relaxation process.

A survey by VisionWorks states that 84% of customers think that playing music makes the salon’s atmosphere more welcoming or exciting.

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Staff and Music

Music can be especially important for motivating staff. There are many reports that discuss the importance of music in relation to staff productivity. Music can provide a relaxed and motivating atmosphere, making for a better working environment. In turn, this can increase staff productivity. A silent salon, however, can lack interest and creativity, often decreasing the energy that staff have.

81% of stylists say music puts staff in a happier mood

84% of stylists recommend playing music to improve productivity and morale

90% of stylists agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business

Music for Sales

Music can also be an important tool for sales. Clients that are happier tend to spend more. Choosing the wrong music can, however, reduce sales, which is where you need to think about your clientele and the kind of music they would like to hear. There are countless studies that discuss how background music strongly influences consumer behaviour. Slow music encourages shoppers in supermarkets to move more slowly through the shop, but also to spend more in the process. Consider this for your salon, playing slower music to create a relaxed atmosphere. The last thing you want is stressed clients who just want to leave, so perhaps lay off that pounding dance music. Consider playing classical music in your salon as it is widely acknowledged that classical music causes people to buy more expensive products. This makes people think of your salon as more high-end, which may not be the best fit for all salons.

90% of stylists agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business

60% of stylists agree that playing music increases the likelihood of customers returning

Hold Music

If your reception gets busy and you have to put clients on hold, make sure you have music for them to listen to while they are on hold. Music makes people feel that they haven’t been waiting so long and helps ensure they stay on the phone to make that appointment.

Tips on Choosing Salon Music

• Slower paced music is better for mornings
• While a faster pace can curb the post-lunch slump
• The new/familiar mix. People like covers of old songs by new artists eg: Ellie Goulding covering Elton John’s ‘Your Song’
• Your music tastes might not be to everyone else’s!
• Consider your clientele and their age
• Ask clients about their favourite music, where they go out, or if they have been to any gigs recently – this can help you get a better understanding of client’s music tastes.

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