When To Post On Social Media


When To Post On Social Media

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There’s no doubt social media should be a part of your marketing. It’s prevalent, popular and expected in modern society. With smartphone ownership rocketing, social media is in the palm of people’s hands. So what happens if you set up a few social media platforms for your business, write some interesting content and don’t get much engagement in return? It could be down to the time of day that you are posting.

There’s little point in coming up with great ideas about what to post, or sharing your latest competition or news if your followers aren’t online. However, there are Algorithms on most social media sites that adjust the content you see, somewhat regardless of when it was posted. On Facebook, the News Feed Algorithm aims to give users the best experience possible, by making content they think they will enjoy more visible to them. This is based on factors such as how you have responded to this kind of content before, whether you regularly like or comment on posts from this friend/page and more. Essentially if you respond to something on a frequent basis, Facebook starts to get that sort of content in front of you more often.

This might seem great for users, but for businesses it makes things a little more difficult. You don’t want your posts only appearing in front of the same people, so read our tips here to learn how you can make Facebook work for your business.

One thing you could try to get right, though, is when to post your social media content. There is a lot of information out there, it can become a bit overwhelming, so let us help you…

The first thing to consider is who your audience are, what they do and when they are likely to be looking at their social media. People who work 9-5 may not be on social media at the same times as stay at home mums. If you are aiming to communicate with your clients, think about what the majority of them would be doing at any given point. This may be different if you are trying to communicate with salon owners or other professionals in the industry. Think about quieter times of the day in a salon, when they are more likely to be checking their Facebook or Twitter.


Buffer (the social media scheduling tool) has found that engagement tends to be higher at the end of the week particularly Thursday and Fridays, so they can be good days to post on. People don’t tend to check Facebook whilst at work, as they are too busy, don’t have access to it, or are working!

These are some good times to post.

  • Between 7.30 and 9am, when people are on their morning commute, or before work
  • 12pm and 2pm when people are having a lunch break
  • Between 4.30 and 6.30pm when people are on their way home
  • Statistically, Wednesday 3pm is a time of high engagement


Twitter is constantly busy and a platform where you have to find out what works best for you. Around 6000 tweets are sent every second, so finding the best time to tweet is important. Tweets aimed at clients tend to work best outside of work hours, whereas business to businesses tweets are picked up throughout the day. Consumer engagement is higher on the weekends, weekday evenings and in particular on Wednesdays. Research suggests that in general engagement and Click Through Rates are highest at 12pm and 6pm, probably due to people looking for something to occupy them on their lunch break or commute home. Try these:

  • Morning commute 7.30-9am
  • Lunch 12pm-2pm
  • Evening Commute 4.30-6.30pm


Instagram is similar to other social media platforms in that often users are checking on their way to and from work or in their free time, such as the evening or weekend. The worst time to post is during the night, as Instagram photos only have approximately 4 hours before they get buried in people’s feeds. Instagram is primarily a mobile device, so users can glance at their feeds throughout the day. There is a school of thought that suggests posting at less popular times such as 7am-midday, as there is less being posted and people are still glancing at their phones during this period. People tend to post the most on Thursdays, perhaps taking advantage of the #throwbackthursday hashtag as an excuse to post older content.

  • Morning for those waking up and wanting to see what they have missed
  • Mid morning for less competition
  • Evenings – 5-9pm. People on their commute and looking whilst relaxing in the evening
  • Sunday for most engagement

We hope this post has helped you to determine some key times to post, consider who your audience are and what they are doing at different times of the day. Understanding the ways in which people use social media and the times they are most likely to be using it are key to knowing when to post.

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