Salon Customer Service


Salon Customer Service

Customer service is so important to a salon business. It is vital in ensuring clients return and keep returning and needs to be central to the experience your salon creates. Luckily, small details can go a long way, personal touches, friendly staff, and good coffee all help a client have an experience that they will want to repeat.

Get the Details right

Pay attention to the details in your salon, the small things that can be overlooked all add up to a client’s overall experience.

On Arrival

Make sure your client is greeted if the receptionist is busy have them say “I’ll be with you in a minute” with a smile so that they are acknowledged. Remember clients. Everyone likes to be remembered and referred to by their name. Remember their preferences too if possible, which treatment room they like, how they take their coffee or tea. If this is a lot to take in, make notes, keep a notepad by reception which you can write in. Talking of coffee, try and offer something more than a filter coffee and why not give a treat with it too? Chocolates, small brownie squares or cookies are all nice ideas, as is a glass of champagne/prosecco if this is within your budget! This all adds to the feeling of being pampered and gives your clients an experience to remember.

In the Chair

Ensure that your stylists are engaging with their clients, but be aware that people often want to just switch off and read a magazine. Stylists should be able to gauge this and respond appropriately. Perhaps this is the only time a client has to sit in peace, so let them do just that.

The Salon

Ensure your salon is spick and span, pay attention to overlooked areas too. A client’s experience isn’t all about the service you provide, it’s the welcome they receive, where they have their hair washed and what your bathrooms are like. Keep the reception area clutter-free and welcoming, with up-to-date magazines and a friendly receptionist. Ensure the head rests at your sinks are comfy and not in need of replacement and that your toilets are clean, checked regularly and with pampering features like nice hand cream. These may all sound like obvious points, but are often overlooked and can stick in a client’s memory for the wrong reasons.


Complaints are something that every salon wants to avoid, but something that will occur. They are unfortunate, but do happen and can be dealt with so that you and the client are happy. If someone is unhappy with something, the first step is to listen to their complaint and understand what they are dissatisfied with and why. Be open, approachable and really listen to them. Remain calm, watch your body language and try not to become defensive.

Put it right

Often the problem lies with a client not being entirely happy with the result of the service they have had. Expectations can differ to reality and maybe better communication was required in the first instance. If possible, solve the problem there and then, aim to have the client leaving your salon happy. If that isn’t possible, invite them back to have the problem fixed for free. In this case, ensure that everything is perfect for them, so their opinion of your salon, services, and staff can be redeemed. Remembering what the issue was and, if needed, briefing staff accordingly can help to stop the same problem occurring in the future.

Getting the details right can be a great customer service strategy, as can resolving issues promptly and without fuss. Good customer service should be central to salons, with managers and owners regularly assessing the experience their salons provide. This post is from the excellent Salon Marketing Ideas blog.

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