Frequently Asked Questions

Questions salons tend to ask...

Is the app available on both iPhones and Android devices?

Yes, the system is built for both platforms.

I use an online booking system can it be incorporated?

Yes, our app can incorporate all online booking systems.

Will the app have my logo on it, will it be my salon app rather than ‘Bright Salon’?

Yes, Bright Salon is the name we call the platform.  The app has standard functionality but the app icon will become your logo and your chosen image will feature in the main background of the app on every page.

I already have an app, why do I need yours.

Our app is less expensive, has more functions, looks better and is  built specifically for the salon industry.

I don’t have a booking system but I want one, can you add one for me?

Yes, we have a booking system that works with the App. Our app and booking system is £35 per month to maintain.  It allows booking through the app, through your website and over the telephone.  It also includes email reminders and text reminders for appointments.

Can I send messages to groups of clients or individual clients?

Our standard system for £25 allows messages to be sent free of charge to all app users.  This system can be upgraded to allow messages to be sent to a single user or to a group of users, for instance, all ladies over 50 years old.

Does the loyalty scheme allow for more than one scheme with a start and end date?

The standard system allows up to 5 loyalty schemes that have unlimited combinations of stamps and offers.  Time based loyalty schemes are an optional extra that can be added to individual apps.  These allow you to set a time period that a scheme will run for once used for the first time and/or a start and end date for each scheme.

Who is ‘Bright Salon’?

Bright Salon has been built on the foundations of web design and marketing company Hoot Media, who have been trading since 2002. We have dealt with a number of salon business and have a specialist knowledge of the salon industry.  The app ideas originally started with one of our salon clients and soon became a product that was helping them make and save money, it became obvious that the system could be used for any salon. It allows salons to have a bespoke app at a fraction of the cost of having an app developed from scratch with fewer functions.

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