Keep Clients Returning


Keep Clients Returning

Keeping clients returning time and time again to you is essential for your salon business. You need existing clients to keep coming back and recommending you to their friends, for new clients to return and become regulars. So how do you improve client loyalty? Here are some top tips from the great Salon Marketing Ideas blog you could try:

Build Personal Relationships

Developing a relationship with your clients is one of the most important things you can do to improve client loyalty. Talk to your clients, pay attention to things that are important to them and remember past conversations. Remembering that your client’s daughter is getting married or that they recently had a special holiday is a great way to build rapport with people. If you employ stylists, make sure they are doing the same too and remember to hire friendly people!

Feature Clients in Content

If your clients tag your salon on social media, share and comment on it yourself. This is great advertising for you, provided the content is positive about your business! Sharing news about your salon online shows clients are already invested in your business and promoting it publicly, so use this to your advantage. Perhaps they post a picture of their latest manicure or hair colour if so, re-tweet it or share it. This shows your appreciation for your clients, which makes them feel valued, in turn making them more committed to your business.

Take Customer Advice

One of the best ways to improve salon loyalty is by being a salon that is always improving. Ask your clients what they want to see at your salon. Come up with a few ideas, perhaps a new product or service and post this on your social media sites. Ask your clients to vote on their preference. You could also do this in your salon, with a hand-out questionnaire. Let people suggest things that they would like to see you do or offer. Encourage responses with a reward, a discount or free product. Finally credit them for their input, post it on your social media channels and thank them publicly.

Reward Loyalty

Don’t just focus on getting new customers through the door, think about the clients who are already loyal to your salon. Reward them too. Give them a new product or upgrade their service for free. The cost to your business is tiny compared to the impact it will have. They will tell their friends, family and possibly talk about it on social media, which may get you more business.

Loyalty Schemes

To increase client loyalty and retention consider running a loyalty scheme. You can choose what you offer, who you are targeting and how long you run the scheme for. Perhaps you want to increase new client retention, so perhaps offer a client’s 3rd salon appointment for free. If you want to increase existing client loyalty, offer them something they wouldn’t normally have. Think about your clients and what they would like. If you have a lot of busy clients, with little free money, why not offer them a free service and pamper them?  Bright Salon apps come complete with up to 4 loyalty schemes of your choosing, allowing you to target different groups of clients.


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