Instagram for Salons


Instagram for Salons

Here is a great blog from Salon Marketing Ideas on Instagram for salons.

You probably know of Instagram and possibly use it already as an individual, but have you thought about using it for your salon?

More and more businesses are using Instagram as a marketing tool, as it’s a great way to build your brand and show off your salon’s work. Instagram is the fastest growing social media site, with 300 million monthly users. Instagram is all about images and visual storytelling, which are perfect tools for the salon industry as there’re lots of ways to engage with existing and potential clients.

Top Tips

Before/ After

Surely one of the most striking visual elements of a salon is the way people look before and after they have visited. This is particularly true if they have had a re-style, new hair colour, extensions fitted or some new nail art. Sharing a before and after photo is also a great way of showing off your stylist’s skills. If you have someone who does great Ombre or a beautiful blow dry why not show them off?


Instagram is a community, so following and connecting with clients, other businesses and people in the industry is a good idea. Follow your clients and engage with them, if they share a picture of their new style or manicure ask if you can re-post it (share on your own page). If you are part of a salon chain, follow other salons and managers. Follow local businesses, industry experts, salon events pages etc. Follow people that may be influential; people with a large following and interest in hair/beauty, celebrities, popular bloggers, local business people etc.

Be Engaged

Instagram can be a tricky platform to build a following on. There are so many people with profiles, that it is often hard to stand out, but there are a few tips you can use to help get more followers and build more engagement. Be involved on Instagram. Like photos from other people, comment on them, re-post and follow pages. As we said before Instagram is a community and building that is important.


Instagram is all about images, or video, with a little text and some hashtags thrown in, but predominantly about photos! Instagram is also saturated, there are thousands of beautiful, engaging profiles out there and many businesses successfully using it and building a large community of potential clients. The one thing that really stands out is quality, so only share your best photos. If you are a luxury salon and wanting to promote a certain lifestyle, say a beautiful, pampered one, your images must reflect this. If you want to share your nail art, then your Instagram feed should be colourful and full of pictures of your work. Whatever type of salon you are, make sure your images adhere to some basics; make sure they are in focus, that they are well-lit – try using natural light such as next to a window or doorway and think about your composition- where you place things or people within a photo. Often the simplest images are the best and strongest visually.


The key with all social media platforms is to be consistent. This is especially so with Instagram. Consider how often you can feasibly post. Research suggests that the optimum posting amount is 1.5 times a day. Now obviously you can’t post half a photo, but somewhere between 1 and 2 images a day is reported to be best. For many this might be too much work, so if you think you can only post 2/3 times a week, then stick to that. Remember quality is important on Instagram, so you are better off posting 3 good pictures a week than 7 rubbish ones!


You stock products in your salon and aim to sell them, so why not share pictures of them on Instagram too? They are probably beautiful enough items to include in your pictures; how about in the palm of someone’s hand or carefully lined up along a shelf. On the subject of products, follow your product lines on Instagram and @ them (a direct, public message to them eg: @loreal) when you include them in your own Instagram posts.


On Instagram, you can use marketing tactics that you would use on any other social media platform, such as running a competition. You can encourage engagement on your page, by getting people to comment on a competition post or share it with others too! Make sure you make the competition terms and conditions public and stick to them.


As with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is hashtag friendly. Searching a particular hashtag leads you to a separate results page, with the most popular posts at the top of the page and the most recent ones below that. Jump on the bandwagon of other hashtags too such as #throwbackthursday or #tbt.


Instagram really is a great tool to enable new clients to find you, for existing clients to keep updated and engaged with your business and to hopefully share your work or refer you. It helps you build a brand, centred around the services you provide and products that you sell. The hair and beauty industry needs to keep up to speed with new trends and Instagram is a fast growing social media trend.

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