Improving Salon/Client Communication


Improving Salon/Client Communication

Marketing a small business requires using a mix of platforms and possibly both online and print-based tactics. Having an online presence is becoming of greater importance and certainly, social media is a great way of personalising your business and communicating with your clients.

If you already have various platforms set up, have you thought about how your customers know about them? Perhaps you have a Facebook page, but clients only find it through your website. Or you have a Twitter account, but clients only find it if they look at your blog.

In this sense, your marketing is very compartmentalised. Clients may know of some of the platforms you use, but not all of them.

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Giving Clients One Tool For Communication

A great tool to tie everything together and a marketing resource in itself is a salon smartphone app.

With a Bright Salon smartphone app for your salon, you can have links to your social media sites, your website, booking system together with a click to call feature, location map and your contact details.

This is coupled with the ability to send push notifications directly to clients, removing the need to send SMS messages. Communicating with your clients has never been easier.

Think of an app as a one-stop-shop that can link all your marketing platforms together as well as helping you to grow your business.

Don’t let your marketing go to waste, when an app will let you have links to everything in one place.

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