Improve Your Client Loyalty


Improve Your Client Loyalty

Client Loyalty is an important part of retaining and building business. Loyalty Schemes are one of the most effective ways to do this. Hair and beauty loyalty schemes are hugely popular, with the Boots Advantage Card scoring highest among women and under 25’s in a recent poll of big brands across multiple industries. The aim of a loyalty scheme is to get customers visiting your salon more frequently and spending more money. A loyalty scheme can be aimed at new or existing clients or to any demographic within your client base. You could promote products, your services or special discounts, the options are endless.

Loyalty Schemes – Key Facts

  • 30% of consumers forget to bring their loyalty card
  • 57% of mobile users admit that loyalty schemes at the top feature of their mobile wallet
  • 69% of consumers say that rewards make them more likely to shop with a brand
  • 40% of consumers would be less likely to shop with a brand
  • 66% of retailers say that Loyalty schemes are the best way to connect with their clients
  • Loyalty schemes can increase a businesses market share by 20% and improve customer acquisition by 10%

So, how do you implement a loyalty scheme? Traditionally loyalty schemes have been paper based; on cards that clutter up wallets, or get lost in the bottom of handbags. Take a moment to think about how many reward cards you currently have in your own purse or wallet. The other main problem with card-based Loyalty Schemes are the associated printing costs and how can you introduce 2,3 or even 4 different schemes without even more cards and higher printing costs?

A smartphone salon app from Bright Salon is the answer to these and many other problems, with no printing costs and without the clutter. Through an app, you would set up your chosen loyalty scheme, which works with a QR code.

Clients download the app to either an Android or Apple smartphone, which is used to scan the loyalty scheme QR code scanned in salon to redeem points towards the chosen loyalty scheme. An app is the simplest, cheapest way of running a loyalty scheme and eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional loyalty schemes.

Bottom line is that every salon should be running at least one Loyalty scheme.  Why spend the money on old fashioned printed cards when you can utilise something that most of your clients use every day, their smartphone?  By having an app you not only benefit from the increased loyalty but improve awareness of your salon between appointments further improving client retention through awareness.

Our salon specific smartphone apps provide up to 4 separate loyalty schemes, allowing salon owners to choose the best options for their clients and for their business.  From schemes for new clients to schemes that encourage purchase of other services and with unlimited combinations of offers and stamps the options are endless.

From the horses mouth…

Don’t take our word for it.  Listen to Andrew himself discussing his own salon app provided by bright salon in the video below.

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