How the app changed my salon


How the app changed my salon

I’m a Hair Salon owner, every day I get bombarded with rubbish email offers and telephone calls from people trying to sell me stuff that I don’t want and don’t need.  They waste my time and take me away from the important things in my business and importantly my staff and clients.

However, back in January 2015 I learnt a massive lesson…amongst the long list of spam emails and rubbish I received an email from a company called Bright Salon, I glanced at it as it had an interesting subject line and quickly thought it was just another online booking software system, I have one already so did not think anything of reading past the first line which said “Salons required for FREE trial of salon specific marketing system”  and just deleting the email, which I did as I do with most emails I receive.

A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from a man called Ross Kernick asking why I hadn’t taken up his offer, I did not know what he was referring to, however, after explaining the email I did vaguely remember it.  I said, oh no, I’m not interested in that as I already have a software booking system. I felt good being able to knock him back and get him off the phone as quickly as possible, however, he replied.

“It’s not about a booking system, although your booking system can be incorporated into it, the email was offering you the chance of trialling a new salon system completely free of charge forever with a lifetime of free updates and enhancements when they are developed.”

Now, as you can imagine this caught my interest so I asked him to explain again what he was doing.  He said he had developed a smartphone app system for salons and he was looking for salon businesses local to him to trial it.  He said in return for trialling it if I wanted to continue using it he would provide it to me free forever and with free updates and enhancements for as long as I wanted it too.  All he asked was to get feedback, to work with me to make it better and to use my salon for any photography and filming should he need to in the future to promote the app.  After explaining what the app did and the opportunity, I had no hesitation in saying yes.

Ross was quick to say that he was surprised at the lack of response to his initial email.  He had sent the email to 10 well-known decent sized salons in the area and had no replies.  I was the first one on his list and if I had not answered his call another salon would have certainly gained this offer before me.

I have now had the app in its current version for nearly 12 months.  Over 1800 clients have downloaded my salon app and they love it.  I love it too as it is saving me a staggering amount of money. Ross asked me to put my experience down for him to use to encourage others not to be so quick to delete emails after we spoke about how lucky I felt I had been in getting the call after initially deleting the email and how easily the offer could have slipped through my fingers.

I now spend a little more time looking at emails as I don’t ever want to miss out on an offer like this again, it’s made a huge difference to my business and I would have no hesitation in recommending any Hair or Beauty salon, manicurist or clinic in taking on the Bright Salon smartphone app.  At the very least get some more information about it before assuming you don’t need it, every salon in the UK can benefit from this smartphone app, it’s brilliant.

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