Google+ for Salons

Google+ for Salons

Google+ is much more than just another social media site and as a business, should be something you take advantage of. After all Google+ is the social network from Google, the biggest and most powerful search engine. Using Google+ well for your business can result in your salon ranking higher on search engines listings, helping you to be found online.

Google+ Page

You need a personal Google profile to create a Google+ page. A Gmail account is fine. From here create a Google+ page for your business. You will be given the option of Storefront/ Service Area or Brand. Choose the best choice for you (probably Storefront or Service Area) From here you will be asked for your business name, which Google will search for on a map. Make sure you add as much information as you can and that it is accurate.

Then you can start sharing content. You can schedule posts through Buffer or Hootsuite like you would on any other social media platform, so you can keep posting consistently.

Google+ Local

Google+ Local is partly a powerful online directory, part social and interactive too. The intention of Google+ Local is for businesses to be found easily online and for customers to find businesses easily, but also be able to review and engage with these businesses. There are a few key advantages to having a Google+ Local page appear in Google searches. If a location- based service is searched for on Google, three of these businesses will appear as Google+ Local listings. These listings will show the business name, contact details, a map link and client reviews. Oh, and this will also appear above at the top of the page of search results.

Tips for using Google+

About Page

The about page on Google+ is not only a way to give an overview of your services and contact details for your clients. It is also the section that is most frequently indexed by Google, helping in your search engine rankings. Add keyword tags that you want to appear for and that your clients may use to search for your page description.

Post SEO friendly Content

The algorithm used by Google gives more priority to content on Google+ pages over other sites, so making sure you post consistently on Google+ is important. Posting content with relevant SEO keywords will help your search engine ranking on Google. Also post media content, such as photos and videos as these typically have a higher engagement rate.

Grow Followers

One of the main differences between Google+ and Facebook is that with Google+ you can actively follow your own clients on Google+. Unlike with a Facebook business page, you can have clients in your circles and communicate directly with them. This is a great way to promote offers, discounts and share news and content directly with your clients.

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5 Social Media Mistakes Salons Make and How To Avoid Them

5 Social Media Mistakes Salons Make and How To Avoid Them

Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses, in particular salons, to ensure they communicate and market to clients on platforms that they are using. We understand social media can be a bit of a minefield, it’s easy to get it wrong and hard to then put it right. But many salons make mistakes on social media that can be easily avoided.

Here are our top 5:

• Constant Selling

The key with social media is to keep your posts varied and interesting to your followers. You wouldn’t constantly try and sell your new product to a customer in person, so why are you doing it on social media? Obviously, you want to promote your products and services, but you don’t want this to be all that you post. You don’t want to seem like you are constantly selling.

• No engagement with your followers

Social media should be ‘social’, this means interacting with your followers. Encourage comments and conversation by sharing interesting articles and asking for people’s ideas on a topic.

• Not Replying

If people ask you something on a social media site or comment on one of your posts, take the time to respond to it. Where possible do this quickly. This could be a case of bad customer service if you don’t, especially if someone is asking you something or worse, complaining!

• Inconsistency

People should be able to look at your social media sites and understand what it is you do and how they can contact you. By all means, share a variety of posts, but keep them relevant to your business, brand and followers. If you are a nail bar, don’t fill your Instagram feed with food photos. Also post regularly, people will follow you as they want to see your updates, if you don’t post anything for a month, people may get bored and unfollow you.

• No Planning

Social media can quickly take up a lot of time and attention. One way to avoid this is by planning a social media strategy, scheduling it and sticking to it. Working out what you want to get out of social media is key, as is sticking to your brand. Don’t feel that you have to use every social media platform out there, work out which are best for you.

Remember you want to start building an engaged audience on your social media platforms, so that when you post people are commenting and sharing your content. Sharing humorous or topical content can be a good way to do this, but tread with care. The joke that you find funny may be offensive to someone else. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, all of the time, but try not to offend anyone too! Once something has been posted on social media it can quickly be shared, making it hard to remove at a later date.

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Pinterest for Salons

Pinterest for Salons

Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform where users ‘pin’ content to virtual pin boards. This then links to websites. The content is predominantly photography; which Pinterest users collate into categories on individual boards. Examples are Bridal Hair, Spring Beauty Looks, Celebrity Styles. Although Pinterest can be used for anything, it is particularly popular for beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle content. Pinterest is a scrapbook style site and a great way to market a salon, as it is so visual.

Why a Salon should use Pinterest

• Pinterest users are mostly women

• Low maintenance form of social media

• To generate website traffic

• Inspire and find new customers


Instagram for Salons

Instagram for Salons

Here is a great blog from Salon Marketing Ideas on Instagram for salons.

You probably know of Instagram and possibly use it already as an individual, but have you thought about using it for your salon?

More and more businesses are using Instagram as a marketing tool, as it’s a great way to build your brand and show off your salon’s work. Instagram is the fastest growing social media site, with 300 million monthly users. Instagram is all about images and visual storytelling, which are perfect tools for the salon industry as there’re lots of ways to engage with existing and potential clients.

Top Tips

Before/ After

Surely one of the most striking visual elements of a salon is the way people look before and after they have visited. This is particularly true if they have had a re-style, new hair colour, extensions fitted or some new nail art. Sharing a before and after photo is also a great way of showing off your stylist’s skills. If you have someone who does great Ombre or a beautiful blow dry why not show them off?


When To Post On Social Media

When To Post On Social Media

This is the latest blog from Salon Marketing Ideas, which we think is full of useful information.

There’s no doubt social media should be a part of your marketing. It’s prevalent, popular and expected in modern society. With smartphone ownership rocketing, social media is in the palm of people’s hands. So what happens if you set up a few social media platforms for your business, write some interesting content and don’t get much engagement in return? It could be down to the time of day that you are posting.


SMS Messaging For Free

SMS Messaging For Free

Do you love SMS messaging for its ability to communicate directly with your clients, straight to their phones and with such good open rates? Are you interested in a free, more responsive, up-to-date method of communication?

SMS messaging used to be the default form of communication on mobile phones, but with the proliferation of free messaging services, the text has become a bit redundant. Younger generations especially have adopted free instant messaging, with over 990 million users on Whatsapp.

Salon App - Salon MarketingSo what can you do if you want to communicate directly with your clients for free?

You send a ‘Push Notification’. With a smartphone app, you can send free push notifications to your customers, effectively communicating news, deals, or last-minute appointments for free.

Our Bright Salon app system allows you to have your own branded salon smartphone app which allows you to send as many push notifications as you wish, free of charge and which take just a few seconds of your time to send.

Like SMS, push notifications have a 90% open rate and are incredibly easy to use, for both client and business. Customers who have downloaded your salon app will receive a push notification on their phones, even when they aren’t actively using your app.  Through the Bright Salon system, as well as sending notifications to all clients you will soon be able to choose who receives your messages from gender, age and their stylist.

One of the biggest advantages salon app customers are finding is the ability to fill last-minute cancellations, something that is notoriously difficult.

SMS messaging is expensive, often regarded as spam and with a niche audience. Push notifications are free, with a wider reach, let you recover lost appointments and communicate directly with your clients.

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