5 Social Media Mistakes Salons Make and How To Avoid Them


5 Social Media Mistakes Salons Make and How To Avoid Them

Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses, in particular salons, to ensure they communicate and market to clients on platforms that they are using. We understand social media can be a bit of a minefield, it’s easy to get it wrong and hard to then put it right. But many salons make mistakes on social media that can be easily avoided.

Here are our top 5:

• Constant Selling

The key with social media is to keep your posts varied and interesting to your followers. You wouldn’t constantly try and sell your new product to a customer in person, so why are you doing it on social media? Obviously, you want to promote your products and services, but you don’t want this to be all that you post. You don’t want to seem like you are constantly selling.

• No engagement with your followers

Social media should be ‘social’, this means interacting with your followers. Encourage comments and conversation by sharing interesting articles and asking for people’s ideas on a topic.

• Not Replying

If people ask you something on a social media site or comment on one of your posts, take the time to respond to it. Where possible do this quickly. This could be a case of bad customer service if you don’t, especially if someone is asking you something or worse, complaining!

• Inconsistency

People should be able to look at your social media sites and understand what it is you do and how they can contact you. By all means, share a variety of posts, but keep them relevant to your business, brand and followers. If you are a nail bar, don’t fill your Instagram feed with food photos. Also post regularly, people will follow you as they want to see your updates, if you don’t post anything for a month, people may get bored and unfollow you.

• No Planning

Social media can quickly take up a lot of time and attention. One way to avoid this is by planning a social media strategy, scheduling it and sticking to it. Working out what you want to get out of social media is key, as is sticking to your brand. Don’t feel that you have to use every social media platform out there, work out which are best for you.

Remember you want to start building an engaged audience on your social media platforms, so that when you post people are commenting and sharing your content. Sharing humorous or topical content can be a good way to do this, but tread with care. The joke that you find funny may be offensive to someone else. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, all of the time, but try not to offend anyone too! Once something has been posted on social media it can quickly be shared, making it hard to remove at a later date.

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