Salon Offer Ideas

Salon Offer Ideas

When running a salon one of the most frequently faced challenges is keeping people coming through the door. You want to encourage new and existing clients to visit you as much as possible and to find ways to incentivise people whilst running a profitable business.

Salon offers are a bit of a balancing act, with the need to entice clients, without losing profit.

So here are some of the best salon offers that encourage clients to return while helping you to build your business.

Bring a Friend or Family Member

One of the best marketing tools for a salon are referrals; trusted clients recommending their friends and family to your business, which can greatly increase your client base. With this in mind, why not run a special referral based offer in your salon? Offer bring a friend days, where your client and a plus one get a discounted treatment or a bargain pampering day. Clients will love spending time being spoilt with their friend and you will introduce your services and business to a new face.

Offer Extras

Offer clients a little something extra on top of their usual service, a mini treatment for example. Introducing them to a different service may result in them becoming regulars for that treatment too. How about a complimentary blow dry or head massage? Adding value in the form of ‘treats’ is a lovely way to enhance a client’s experience in your salon.

Discounted Last Minute- Appointments

Filling last minute appointments is notoriously tricky in the salon industry. How do you go about letting clients know that you have a cancelled slot available for instance? Pushing notifications through a salon app let clients know about your last minute cancellations and help you to recover lost revenue. If you offer a discount on these appointments you are even likelier to get them filled. A small discount, say 10% off, is no loss to your salon if you can fill an appointment that would otherwise be empty.


Product Offers

Put together packages of your products and run a buy 2 get the 3rd product free offer. Many big names in the beauty industry run these schemes to great success. You can promote a similar offer in your salon, perhaps on a line of hair or nail products. Make sure the product you are giving away is the cheapest.

Points Based Loyalty Scheme

Never underestimate the power of a traditional points-based loyalty scheme. When run properly, they can increase spend in your salon, with little effort on your part. Clients accrue points for every treatment they have in your salon and can redeem them against a service of their choice. Award points based on spend, such as 100 points when you spend £30. Alternatively, you can award points based on service, e.g. a colour is worth 150 points. Then you can work out what those points can be redeemed against. Again you can do this by price or service. Those 150 points could get you a free blow-dry or could equate to £5 off.

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Is Paid Advertising with Yell/ Thompson Worthwhile?

Is Paid Advertising with Yell/ Thompson Worthwhile?

Yell and Thompson are both well known for their printed directories.  Historically these were the go-to tools for people looking for a service or business.  If you wanted to find a painter in your local area, you would leaf through one of these directories.  But it’s been a long time since this was the case, you may have noticed that these directories have been physically shrinking in recent years and Thompson may even stop printing their directory in the near future.  The reason for this change is the vast increase in the use of online searching.

With that in mind, the printed directories are pretty much redundant, so how do you make the most of an advertising budget?  Firstly, it’s worth thinking about where people go to search for businesses or services online.  Around 90% of all searches are on Google.  So only a small percentage of people would search through a directory like Yell or Thompson. however, has a lot fewer users than Google, with far fewer searches for specific terms, actually giving them a much higher conversion rate than Google.  People who do use these directories are in ‘shopping mode’, actively searching to find contact details for a service provider and as a result click through to websites more often. So while having a listing may be worthwhile, remember where most searches are taking place.


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